Why Zero2Maker?

Unique Framework

Zero2Maker, the first phase of the Pre-Entrepreneurship Framework, which unlike most other current programs, allows individuals with little to no innovation and entrepreneurship exposure to recognize their aptitude.

Supporting Research

The framework was developed at MIT Sloan by Prof Rajesh Nair and then curated through ten years of research at MIT and Asia School of Business. The framework has influenced communities internationally, through more than 150 programs

Differentiating Factors


Students develop skills and competencies such as problem-solving, creativity, and communication while enhancing self-efficacy and self-learning abilities.

Hands-On & Experiential

Students receive a toolkit and work through real problems creating projects and making pitch presentations

Community & Team Work

Students will connect and collaborate with their peers in small groups, learning to facilitate discussion and share feedback.


Zero2Maker can influence communities through ecosystem building. EnCube partners with various organizations to offer these programs affecting the community

Zero2Maker in Action

Bring Zero2Maker to Your School

Zero2Maker can be offered as a virtual online course based on a schedule that fits into your time table and your budget. Each student receives a kit that they own and they can join an online community. This will require that the course  be offered along with other school courses for continued availability and student involvement.  

It can also be offered as an after school program based on the schools budget.  

Another option for the school is to set up a Maker Lab in the school and offer  the Zero2Maker and Zero2Entrepreneurship programs. EnCube provides all the necessary tools while your school provides the space and the budget.  This creates  maximum impact for the school, students and other stakeholders through building an ecosystem. 


The Zero2Maker course introduces students to the application of science, art, and technology through hands-on design of products. While teaching hard technology and design skills, it also enhances student competence in teamwork, mentoring and communication. The student builds strong self-efficacy and self-learning abilities that can be life changing. The course is offered as virtual online sessions with mentoring as the main model for instruction. 


Course Modules

Problem Definition

Identifying and Defining the Problem to be Solved in a Simple Scenario

User-Centered Design

Using Empathy as a Tool for Understanding User Needs and Designing for Ease of use

Electronic System Design

Creating Programmable Microcontroller-based Electrical Systems with Input and Output Devices


3D Printing, Hand Fabrication and Product Assembly

Solution Ideation

Finding Innovative Ideas by Going Beyond Conventional Solutions

Mechanical Design

Creation of Parts through Paper Design and 3D CAD


Writing Software to add Intelligence to the Product


Making Movies and Pitching with SLides and Creating Prototypes

Course Materials

The students need access to some other tools like soldering irons and 3D printers which the school will provide. Each student also requires access to a computer and workspace. Students can work remotely at their homes. 

Zero2Maker Kit

Each student receives a kit that can be used during the course and after. The kit contains the basic electronic components, sensors and ordinary craft tools.

Maker Lab in a Box

EnCube can provide schools with an entire lab that will allow students to work asynchronously and collaboratively and build their potential .

Past Zero2Maker Projects


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