Encube Offerings

Zero2Maker Program

Zero2Maker program introduces school children (10-18 years of age) to creativity, technology, design and making, and communication skills.

The primary goal of the program is to boost self-efficacy and self-learning abilities. The program uses practical application of STEAM (design, mechanical design, electrical system design, coding and fabrication) to inspire students to create solutions for problems and learn how to monetize their innovation. These students, in turn, attract and mentor new members from the school community to follow the same path. They help create an ecosystem, that enables students build confidence and competence.

The Maker program includes a series of expert sessions on the design of products, problem definition, solution ideation, and identifying value in the problems identified. The sessions guide students through the innovation process using hands-on activities adjacent to their current zone of competence. The program is designed around controlled failures to stimulate discussions, analysis, and mastery.

Zero2maker in Action

Kedah, Malysia

Mysore, L&T Campus