The Zero2Entrepreneur course offers a hands-on learning experience in finding and defining opportunities and creating solutions that could return high value.  Students learn the elements of entrepreneurship over multiple projects.  The goal of the course is not to launch startups but to offer students an opportunity to build the skill set and mindset required to take on projects as entrepreneurs or perform as highly productive employees.  The mindset and self-learning abilities allow students to choose career pathways in any field confidently.

Students work with different communities and learn to identify 'valuable' problems and solve them to create economic and social impact.  The course builds the necessary skills and confidence to approach a problem as an 'opportunity in disguise' and capture its value through entrepreneurship.

This course is conducted as virtual sessions.  Students will work on projects in teams and develop products and services to address problems they identify.

Course Modules


Students master techniques to observe, engage, and immerse in the user’s environment to identify and analyze user problems to find unmet human needs. 


Students work in teams to develop unconventional solutions and evaluate them for feasibility, acceptability, and viability.  Applying skills from the Zero2Maker course, they create prototypes of products and services., test solutions with user types to understand ease of use in the problem environment


Students learn to precisely define problems by synthesizing observations, inferences and stakeholders’ interests.  They also assess the value of solving the problem with social impact and/or financial potential.


Students learn to apply business model development, financial modeling, and business plan presentation.


Students learn basic fundraising, reaching markets, building business teams, and launching ventures.

Past Zero2Entrepreneur Projects

Hands-On & Experiential

Students interact in depth with existing business and social communities in specific fields to identify problems that have potential business value

Community & Team Work

Students will connect and collaborate with peers, members of relevant communities and stakeholders and build 'business functioning' teams


Students develop skills and competencies in entrepreneurship and innovation while enhancing self-efficacy and self-learning abilities learned in Zero2Maker


Improving communities by strengthening the entrepreneurial climate and creating value through partnerships with community organizations.


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