Encube Offerings

Zero2Maker Program

Zero2Maker is an innovation development effort that focuses on introducing school kids (10-18 years of age) to creativity, technology, making skills and presentation.

The primary goal of the program is to boost self-efficacy and self-learning abilities. The program uses practical application of STEM (mechanical design, electrical system design, coding and fabrication) to inspire students to create solutions for problems and learn how to monetize their innovation. These students, in turn, attract and mentor new members from the school community to follow the same path. They help create an ecosystem, that enables students build confidence and competence.

Zero2maker in Action

Kedah, Malysia

Mysore, L&T Campus

Zero2Entrepreneur Program

The Zero2Entreprenuer program focuses on helping youth (18years and above) from different backgrounds develop entrepreneurial ecosystems that create jobs and solve social and livelihood problems.

The focus is to create a bottom-up approach especially in overlooked sectors and communities that might not realize that entrepreneurship could be for them. The key goal is to create a critical mass of early entrepreneurs and build supportive ecosystems to make this movement self-sustainable.

Zero2Entrepreneur in Action

Trivandrum, Kerala

EnCube Research

EnCube delivers research-based youth development strategies designed to help leaders drive productivity, inclusivity and growth.