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Innovation Intervention

DISRUPT OR BE DISRUPTED: Building An Innovation Culture In Corporations

The market life of a product or service is getting shorter with faster cycles of innovation. How does an organization stay ahead of potential disruption ahead? By constantly finding ways to disrupt itself.
Innovation is not a functional role of a department. All employees are the eyes and ears of the company that can detect changes in the market or inefficiencies within the organization well ahead of the management team. Training the employees in problem identification and solution creation could offer solutions. Customer-facing staff may find changes in the customer needs early. A service tech or an assembly staff could suggest improvements in design for better efficiency.
Innovation Intervention is a boot camp designed for corporations to reskill their employees into problem solvers who create unconventional or even disruptive products and services.

Innovation Intervention (Air Asia)

Ran seven workshops for AirAsia to introduce more than 200 of their AllStars to creativity, design thinking, and problem-solving in an initiative to build an internal ecosystem of disruptive thinkers. Staff from office to flight crew from all country offices in Asia participated in these workshops.

Location: USA, India, Malaysia

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