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Meet The Mentors

Prasanna Nair

email: prasanna@encube.co

Passionate about the role of technology in furthering life-long learning, Prasanna Nair brings over 25 years of experience in the design, build and management of a Global Talent Transformation practice. The clients she has worked with extend across major Retail, Pharma, Technology and Government players in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, US, Canada and India.

Prasanna is a strong believer in skills being the new business currency. Her journey over the last few years has been a validation of this belief.  

  • IBM Global Business Services
    • Innovator and Global Offering lead for AI fueled accelerators for Skills Transformation and Personalization (IBM C3 with Watson -an AI startup in Talent Transformation; http://microsite-us.mybluemix.net/). The solutions she has designed have garnered 3 successful patent filings so far.
    • Solution Lead, hand-holding clients through their Workforce Transformation journeys
    • Team Lead, building and nurturing consult-to-operate teams with a unique mix of AI and Talent, consulting and implementation skills
  • General Manager, Accenture Learning Bangalore
  • Vice President, Raffles Solutions Singapore (startup)
  • Core Team Member, Technowledge Asia, Singapore (startup)
  • Head, Special Projects, Pacific Internet Singapore

An alumnus of the Nanyang-MIT Sloan Fellows Program, Prasanna describes herself as an entrepreneur at heart and feels most energized when she explores and convert ideas into functional and profitable ventures.

Dhruv Saidava

email: dhruv@encube.co

Dhruv Saidava is the General Manager of EnCube Labs India. With a mission to create 1 lakh entrepreneurs in India in the next 10 years, he works in rural/ remote areas to develop maker communities and inculcate an entrepreneurial mindset in the youth. His work has led to him developing multiple strategies focused on enabling rural academies with a low-cost approach to developing 21st-century skills.

Maharshi Solanki

email: maharshi@encube.co

Maharshi Solanki is a FabAcademy Graduate from CEPT University. He excels in design and fabrication, specializing in design visualization, design modeling(CAD/CAM), 3D printing, and Laser Cutting. He holds a degree in Computer Engineering which benefits him in aligning product demand with computational areas for an effective solution. He also has hands-on experience in robotics, where the real-life application for problem-solving meets his design aspects.

Apoorv Arora

email: apoorvarora@encube.co

Apoorv’s interest lies in the intersection of Management, Mathematics, Psychology and Technology, where taking day to day decisions create an effective organizational structure.
According to him, effective decision making can be broken down in to couple of strategies which may contain Keyword Mapping, Categorization, Pattern Analysis(Habit Loop – Neurons that fire together, wire together), Quantify Parameters and Conscious Intervention.
His efforts in the space has exposed him to both conceptual and hands-on experience in coding, arduino, data analysis and technical research.

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