Do. Fail. Learn. Launch.

Tomorrow’s jobs require the knowledge and application of multiple disciplines across technology and the arts. Today’s students need to learn to Communicate, Create, and Collaborate to be employable graduates and future innovators and entrepreneurs. Making is an essential component of the learning process. It involves Systems Thinking, Creativity and the Design of physical products, electronic systems/software. This multi-disciplinary approach enables the understanding and articulation of problems and the development of products and services.

Zero2Entrepreneur sessions conducted as part of the Innodeate Bootcamp organized by IIT Palakkad is an attempt in this direction.

The bootcamp brought together participants from different educational backgrounds to explore subjects outside their competence. They primarily learned to learn, step outside their current abilities, fail, and expand on their existing skillsets. The key focus was on building their confidence and resilience. The sessions spread across a six-day period had the participants designing and fabricating multiple products. Each included mechanical, electrical and coding design elements. The participants also made 60-second video clips to communicate their idea to a larger audience.

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