Target Audiences

EnCube Labs’ Programs are for all ages and backgrounds.

We teach design thinking and entrepreneurship skills in a way that lets participants discover the confidence and joy in building new capabilities.


Students learn STEM skills, enjoy hands-on project work, unlike anything they’ve done to date, experience the honour of failing and trying again and collaborate intensely.

Bring our Entrepreneurial STEM curriculum to a low income or low resource community: schools, youth groups, after-school program, and more

Show kids anyone can learn to design and code, especially them!

Challenge kids to see problems at hand and inspiring them to devise solutions for their communities

Incubate entrepreneurs who are then ready to incubate companies


Educators and Community Leaders leverage EnCube Labs’ programs to bring exciting, hands-on learning to their institutions, while at the same time achieving a variety of higher-level goals:

Creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem – engaging an initial group with the abilities, space, and tools to ideate, prototype, and build, so they can subsequently evangelize train, and mentor friends, on a formal, or informal basis.

Developing future workforce – by teaching employable skills to students from middle school through college, and to adults seeking an on-ramp to new job training.

Building community and cohesion within a new group – by sharing a creative, fun, and rigorous collaboration experience

Easing a life transition by offering a gateway experience that builds the self-confidence needed to make a life change by quickly learning new skills and thought processes


Government Leaders address economic development and social policy by inculcating in young people a design-thinking and problem-solving mindset in order to raise a generation of can-do problem solvers equipped to generate economic activity and solve key social challenges, to support next generations.

  • Address Economic Development and Social Policy
  • Raise A Generation of can-do problem solvers
  • Solve key social challenges


Corporate Leaders galvanize teams and break open innovative thinking through ideation exercises and mini project challenges designed to spur individual and group creativity, problem-solving, and collaborative solution- building. Can be offered as a generalized team experience or structured around specific problem challenges.

  • Galvanize teams and break open innovative thinking
  • Offered as a generalized team experience
  • Specific problem challenges

Check out how a typical program looks and sounds!


48-hr Makerfest



Building College Entrepreneurship Ecosystems. Kerala, India