Program Content

EnCube Labs’ programs teach students to think like Silicon Valley entrepreneurs.

The Makerfest program, for example, gives students intense exposure to the process of innovation through activities in:

  • Fundamentals of Physical Design & Fabrication
  • Basics of Electronics and Coding
  • Project Challenge Definition
  • Project Solution Ideation
  • Digital Fabrication
  • Prototype Demonstration and Presentation
Students also learn soft skills such as confidence, STEM interest, self-reliance, hard work.
From a longer-term perspective, Encube Labs shows kids that they can participate and have a place at the economic table; inspires educational aspirations, and gives them employable skills. Our highest level goals for the program include employability for participants, ability to improve their family’s and community’s economic standings; workforce preparation/participation; and regional eco-system stability.

Resources Required to host an EnCube Labs Program

  • As program host, you provide the “lab” space, enrollee recruitment, food, and equipment
    (budgeted into program fees; purchase list provided), as well as photographic permissions.
  • Students will need laptops pre-loaded with two free applications
    (only one laptop needed per every 2-3 students; app download directions provided).
  • We provide,
    • The lead-coach
    • 1 mentor per every 20 students
    • Curriculum & customized project assignments.
Special note to the extent possible, when recruiting & selecting students to attend the event, we recommend the following guidelines:
  • Students from all academic years of study or corporate departments
  • Students from all disciplines of study
  • Equal gender presence
  • As much racial and ethnic diversity as possible

Entrepreneurship Mentor Dev program

Rajesh Nair