Live-In Innovation Lab.

Rajesh Nair, visiting scholar at MIT-Tata Centre converted his ancestral home into a MakerLab to work with students from MIT and India which lead to identifying local problems which need solutions. The students worked under the guidance of Rajesh and developed products which can be made locally in India, reflecting the spirit of MakeInIndia call. 

Students learned

How StartUps are born out of an Idea.

The program brings out inner strengths, driving them to learn absolutely new skills to create great product ideas. Most Importantly, they stay focused to solve local problems.

Kadha : Soap with a Story.

Students visited local neighbourhood and identified problems surrounding cottage soap making industry. They learnt the art of soap making from village women and applied technology design perspectives to derive a new brand of soap, named as "Kadha" which could earn them more revenue and business.

Watch the story here. 

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