Kerala Technology University adopts EnCube methodology to turn students into entrepreneurship

As per the new KTU Entrepreneurship Policy, EnCube is helping affiliated colleges to roll out Innovation led Entrepreneurship programs with the expertise from MIT collaborators.

The colleges are advised to select and pursue EnCube learning model, developed at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, USA, to develop expertise in creating student startups in college campuses in the coming years. The EnCube learning model suggests use of FabLab, a Maker lab movement started at MIT, as a tool to innovate on product ideas and bringing them out through entrepreneurial initiative. Kerala has three accredited FabLabs today.

Dr. Kuncharia Isaac, Vice Chancellor of KTU says, “Nurturing entrepreneurship in students require development of both skills and attitude. In our colleges we currently need mentors who are trained to impart these qualities to the students. This one-week long Entrepreneurship Mentor Development workshop offered by EnCube Lab should help our colleges start the process of nurturing tomorrow’s entrepreneurs.”

EnCube’s innovative learning approach enhances our engineering curriculum by imparting Design Thinking and Maker Skills to students right from their early college days, which builds skills and confidence to build solutions to the problems they observe around them and launch them as profitable ventures.

This approach emerged out of numerous interactions with makers, academicians, and management experts across the globe. EnCube Business Model was tested and validated with students from MIT, IIT’s  to rural colleges in India over a period of time in the form of workshops and personal interactions. 

EnCube have created a curriculum for enrolling colleges to create, establish and sustain, state of the art Innovation Centre inside the campus with latest fabrication technologies. This will help the colleges to roll out innovation workshops, sessions, and interactions with mentors from across the globe instantly in their colleges. 

EnCube Network contains Angel Investors, Mentors, and Technology Advocates to help engineering colleges to engage in their Innovation Programs. 

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