Entrepreneurship Mentor Development Workshop ; Oct 19-25

As per the new KTU Entrepreneurship Policy, EnCube is helping affiliated colleges to roll out Innovation led Entrepreneurship programs with the expertise from MIT collaborators. 

The introductory program to train faculty champions will be held from Oct 19-25, 2015 at EnCube Innovation Centre and Technopark FabLab, Trivandrum. The program will give in depth knowledge about innovation, fabrication and entrepreneurship.

EnCube EMDP, is a residential learning experience for participants by living along with mentors and having access to FabLab facility 24×7. EnCube EMDP will be the stepping stone to setup Innovation Centre and FabLab in KTU’s colleges. We envision Kerala to be in the leading edge of Innovation led Entrepreneurship in the coming years. 

The previous participants across the globe shares a common thought that Rajesh Nair, the lead mentor, can change people from zero to maker with his personal enthusiasm and expertise. They remember the workshop as a life changing moment which gave deep understanding on Innovation, Fabrication and Entrepreneurship. 

This program enabled leaders of technology companies to innovate and launch product ideas quickly. The journey from maker to innovator is guided through hands-on exercises. Final Demo day witness the participants creating business pitch decks for their product created. The process will give them hands on experience in creating new products by solving day-to-day challenges. 

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